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The Best & the Largest Auto Dealer

Auto Selection Co is one of the leading automobile trading companies whose located in YACHIMATA, Japan.

we have been growing with innovative ideas, improved technologies, and solid systems. Our customers can select cars by using our powerful search engine from our inventory.

we are also let customers participate in automobile auctions, where you may find your favorite cars. Our discerning and experienced buyers can bid for your selection in place of you. We perform thorough inspection for each automobile, so you never have to worry the quality and condition of the automobile, and will be surely satisfied with your automobile.

We will keep our best efforts to provide you with the extra profit opportunities.

  • Low Prices, No Haggling
  • Largest Car Dealership
  • Multipoint Safety Check

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289-1126 Chiba ken Yachimata-Shi Oki. 312-2
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